Shifting my Focus in X2Go

Dear X2Go Community, dear friends,

as many of you may know, I have been contributing a considerable amount
of time to upstream-maintaining X2Go over the past 4 years. I provided
new X2Go components (Python X2Go, PyHoca X2Go Client, a publicly
available X2Go Session Broker, X2Go MATE Bindings, etc.) and focused on
making X2Go a wide-spread community project. For the last 2-3 years I
have been in the role of the X2Go project coordinator and various other

With the beginning of 2015, I will pass on several of those roles to
other people in the project, see the below list for already assigned and
unassigned roles:

  • project/community coordinator (continued by Stefan Baur)
  • development coordination (continued by Heinz-Markus Graesing,
    very probably introducing some sort of agile development)
  • release management (n.n.)
  • i18n team leader (n.n.)
  • package maintenance (continued by Oleksandr Shneyder)
  • Git administrator (continued by Mihai Moldovan)
  • bug tracker administrator (continued by Michael DePaulo)

The reasons for tremendously reducing my workload on X2Go are these:

  • more time for development, less involvement in organizational tasks
  • more time for paid/contracted work (also in the X2Go context)
  • spend some of my time on doing Remote Desktop Computing research
  • be more available to Debian and Ubuntu as a package maintainer
  • be more available to my family

In several internal exchanges we (Heinz, Stefan, Mihai, Mike#2,
Oleksandr) have discussed several development workflow changes that
are likely to be introduced soon within the X2Go project. I leave it to
Stefan and Heinz to introduce these ideas publicly via our new mailing
list [1]

So that everyone who is interested can get further involved, please make
sure you get subscribed to the new x2go-project ML [1] and join the
related discussions there. If you are interested, subscribe to this list
If any of the not-yet-assigned tasks calls your heart, please contact us
via the x2go-project ML.

Within the last years, we gathered a considerable amount of very genuine
people around the X2Go project. People with high social and technical
skills, time for contribution and a clear disposition to make X2Go the
best terminal server solution on Linux/*nix available, while maintaining
it as FLOSS software in all respects. I highly appreciate what we all
have achieved during the last years and am thankful for all discussions,
experiences and friendships made. Thanks to everyone who helped us coming
this far. Thanks to everyone stepping up and taking over more
reponsibility within the project.

I will continue working on the following X2Go topics in the future:

  • X2Go Session Broker (component owner)
  • Python X2Go / PyHoca-GUI+CLI (component owner)
  • NX (aka nx-libs, component owner)
  • Debian/Ubuntu packaging of X2Go (downstream/distro activity)

For an interim phase (about 2-3 months), I will continue working on my
previous tasks. This is to give time to people for arriving in their new
roles, so that everyone can gradually take over and feel comfortable. Of
course, I will be available for all sorts of questions and advice in the
future, if needed.

Apart from the interim phase above, I currently have these open X2Go
tasks, which I will finish as soon as possible (hopefully at the end of
Jan 2015):

  • do a release cycle of all X2Go components
  • fix X2Go Desktop Sharing (cross-user, same user, nearly fixed)

Mike Gabriel