Call for translations: Lomiri / Ubuntu Touch 20.04


For over a year now, Fre(i)e Software GmbH (my company) is involved in Ubuntu Touch development. The development effort currently is handled by a mix of paid and voluntary developers/contributors under the umbrella of the UBports Foundation. We are approaching the official first release of Ubuntu Touch 20.04 with rapid pace.

And, if you are a non-Englisch native speaker, we'd like to ask you for help... Read below.

Mike (aka sunweaver at, Mastodon, IRC, etc.)

Internationalization (i18n) of Ubuntu Touch 20.04

The UBports team has moved most of the translation workflows for localizing Ubuntu Touch over to Hosted Weblate:

To contribute to the UBports projects you need to register here:

The localization platform of all UBports / Lomiri components is sponsored by Hosted Weblate via their free hosting plan for Libre and Open Source Projects. Many thanks for providing this service.

Translating Lomiri

The translation components in the Lomiri project have already been set up and are ready for being updated by translators. Please expect some translation template changes for all those components to occur in the near future, but this should not hinder you from starting translation work right away.

Translating Lomiri will bring the best i18n experience to Ubuntu Touch 20.04 end users for the core libraries and the pre-installed (so called) Core Apps.

Translating Ubuntu Touch Apps

For App Developers (apps that are not among the Core Apps) we will now offer a translation slot under the UBports project on

If you are actively maintaining an Ubuntu Touch app, please ask for a translation component slot on and we will set up your app's translation workflow for and with you. Using the translation service at Hosted Weblate is not a must for app developers, it's rather a service we offer to ease i18n work on Ubuntu Touch apps.

Who to contact?

To get translations for your app set up on Hosted Weblate, please get in touch with us on, please highlight @sunweaver (Mike Gabriel), @BetaBreak (Raoul Kramer), @cibersheep and @Danfro with your request.