Results produced while at "X2Go - The Gathering 2019" at LinuxHotel in Essen a.d.R., Germany

Over the past weekend I attended "X2Go - The Gathering 2019". This year's venue was LinuxHotel in Essen. It was good to come back here.

Things that I got DONE while at the Gathering

X2Go related topics I worked on...

  • Three informal talks about:
    • the new/alternative X2Go Kdrive graphics backend for X2Go
    • status report of my work on the X2Go Plugin for Remmina
    • brain storming session: accessing X2Go sessions from a web browser
  • Get Ubuntu Gnome Desktops (from 18.04 or later) working in X2Go (with X2Go Kdrive backend being used)
  • Hide color manager authentication dialog on session startup of Gnome-based sessions in X2Go by nastily tweaking colord's policy kit rule set
  • Discuss various issues around nx-libs with Ulrich Sibiller and Mihai Moldovan
  • Discuss Free Software and Civil Administration with Heinz-M. Graesing
  • Discuss Free Software solutions for schools with Heinz-M. Graesing
  • Discuss a Thin Client concept developed by Kjetil Fleten at and deepen the partnership of our companies
  • Discuss the benefits of using Weblate for translating X2Go components with Juri Grabowski, providing him with a best practice workflow (ToDo -> Juri)
  • Discuss switching X2Go Git from plain SSH + Git bare repositories to Gitolite with Juri Grabowski (ToDo -> Juri)
  • Share various new developments with Nito Martinez and Juan Zea going on at Qindel
  • File a pull request (PR) against screenshoter [1] porting it to GDK v3 and making it build and run on recent Linux systems (we might need this for the X2Go WebUI implementation)
  • Attend the yearly members' meeting of ORCA e.V.
  • Write the protocol for the yearly members' meeting of ORCA e.V.
  • I got elected as 2nd chair into the board of the ORCA e.V.
  • Review 3 partially quite longish pull-requests (PR) by Ulrich Sibiller for nx-libs (all passed through) [2-4] and one by myself [5].

Non-X2Go related topics I worked on...

  • Upload 35 MATE Desktop Environment related packages to Debian unstable
  • Upload Veyon 4.2.5 to Debian unstable
  • Upload FusionDirectory to Debian unstable (+ as-is Argonaut source-only upload)
  • Upload TigerVNC 1.9.0+dfsg-4 to unstable (sponsored upload on behalf of Joachim Falk)


The main big thanks goes to Stefan Baur who did most of the event organizing work. Well done, again, Stefan. Thanks for making these events possible on a yearly basis. Much much appreciated.

Another big thanks goes to Mirko Glotz for doing video recordings of all talks and discussions during the event.

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the meeting. We have been 15 people this year! Awesome!