My Work on Debian LTS (February 2020)

In February 2020, I have worked on the Debian LTS project only for 5.75 hours (of 20 hours planned). I gave back 12 hours to the pool and reduced my availability to 8 hours per month.

Unfortunately, last month I got too distracted by other interesting and challenging projects, and also by some intense personal topics.

I herewith send my apology to all LTS team members and all Debian LTS users for not having completed my planned LTS workload.

LTS Work

  • Take a deeper look at cacti and mark cacti Debian jessie LTS as not affected by CVE-2020-8813
  • Study open vulnerability reports in ansible (no fixes available, yet, as of end of February 2020)
  • Work on fixing CVE-2015-9541 in qtbase-opensource-src (still work in progress)