Time for home office! Time for X2Go?

Most of us IT people should be in home office by now. If not, make sure you'll arrange that with your employers, cooperation partners, contractors, etc. Please help flatten the curve.

X2Go as your Home Office solution

If your computer at work runs a GNU/Linux desktop and you can SSH into it, then it might be time for you to try out X2Go [1]. Remote desktop access under GNU/Linux.

Free Support for simple Client-Server Setups

If your daily work is related to health care, municipal work, medical research, etc. (all those fields that are currently working under very high demands), please join the #x2go IRC channel on Freenode [2] and I'll do my very best to help you with setting up X2Go.

Professional Support for Large Scale Setups

If you run a business and need X2Go support site-wide, brokerage support, etc. please consider asking for professional support [3].