UBports: Packaging of Lomiri Operating Environment for Debian (part 04)

Before and during FOSDEM 2020, I agreed with the people (developers, supporters, managers) of the UBports Foundation to package the Unity8 Operating Environment for Debian. Since 27th Feb 2020, Unity8 has now become Lomiri.

Things got delayed a little recently as my main developer contact on the upstream side was on sick leave for a while. Fortunately, he has now fully recovered and work is getting back on track.

Recent Uploads to Debian related to Lomiri

Over the past 3 months I worked on the following bits and pieces regarding Lomiri in Debian:

  • Work on DEB package qtmir.
  • Revisit upstream status of lomiri-ui-toolkit (and remind upstream on open issues to be resolved).
  • Debug googletest / cmake-extras build failures in qtmir DEB package.
  • Prepare MR!2 für cmake-extras upstream, upload cmake-extras 1.5-3 to Debian unstable.
  • Upload qtmir to unstable/NEW, submit patches upstream.
  • Upload to unstable as NEW: ayatana-indicator-bluetooth.
  • Upload to unstable: qtmir 0.6.1-2.
  • Upload to unstable: cmake-extras 1.5-5.
  • More debugging on googletest / cmake-extras.
  • Qt5.15 transition in Debian, various uploads.
  • Upload unstable: cmake-extras 1.5-6.
  • Debug and fix libqtdbustest / libqtdbusmock failures in Debian.
  • Get in touch with RAOF (on IRC, from the Mir Team) on possible fixes of Mir FTBFS in Debian (after a Mesa upload).
  • Upload to unstable: mir 1.8.0+dfsg1-11 (fix FTBFS).
  • Fix dbus-cpp autopkgtests.
  • Fix Mir FTBFS after Boost 1.74 transition.
  • Fix FTBFS in unit tests in lomiri-url-dispatcher.
  • Drop autopilot dependency from DEB package qtmir.
  • Heads-Up Meeting with Marius Gripsgard (discussion next steps).

The next projects / packages ahead are lomiri-ui-toolkit, integrating changes required for Lomiri into Ayatana Indicators and then moving on with several other, smaller packages.


Many big thanks go to Marius and Dalton for their work on the UBports project and being always available for questions, feedback, etc.

Thanks to Florian Leeber for being my point of contact for topcis regarding my cooperation with the UBports Foundation.