UBports: Packaging of Lomiri Operating Environment for Debian (part 05)

Before and during FOSDEM 2020, I agreed with the people (developers, supporters, managers) of the UBports Foundation to package the Unity8 Operating Environment for Debian. Since 27th Feb 2020, Unity8 has now become Lomiri.

Recent Uploads to Debian related to Lomiri (Feb - May 2021)

Over the past 4 months I attended 14 of the weekly scheduled UBports development sync sessions and worked on the following bits and pieces regarding Lomiri in Debian:

  • Bundle upload to Debian of all Ayatana Indicators packages, including lomiri-url-dispatcher
  • Upload to Debian unstable: ayatana-indicator-session 0.8.2-1 (fix parallel build problem)
  • lomiri-ui-toolkit: Consulting on non-free font usage and other issues with upstream side of the Ubuntu Touch's UI Toolkit
  • Upload to Debian unstable: wlcs 1.2.1-1
  • qtmir update: 0.6.1-6 (fixing qml-demo-shell)
  • Upload to Debian unstable: qtmir 0.6.1-7
  • Upload to Debian unstable as NEW: deviceinfo 0.1.0-1
  • Upload to Debian unstable: mir 1.8.0+dfsg1-16 (fixing #985503)
  • Discuss with upstream how to handle hard-coded /opt/click.ubuntu.com path in src:pkg click
  • File upstream MR: https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/click/-/issues/2
  • Upload to Debian experimental as NEW: click 0.5.0-1
  • Upload to Debian experimental as NEW: libusermetrics 1.2.0-1
  • Port libusermetrics over to pkgkde-symbolshelper
  • Upload to Debian experimental as NEW: hfd-service 0.1.0-1 (This included upstream development: upstart to systemd conversion, a D-Bus security fix, etc.)
  • Upload to Debian experimental as NEW: libayatana-common 0.9.1-1
  • Upload to Debian experimental: deviceinfo (0.1.0-2): Update .symbols file for non-amd64 Debian architectures
  • Upload to Debian experimental: ayatana-indicator-keyboard 0.7.901-1
  • Test-Build lomiri-ui-toolkit (after several Qt5.15 fixes on upstream's side); exclude broken unit tests from building lomiri-ui-toolkit as recommended by upstream
  • Upstream MR (libusermetrics): Amend URL in Lomiri upstream path (https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/libusermetrics/-/merge_requests/3)
  • Upstream bug hunting (lomiri-ui-toolkit, unit test failures in unit/components/tst_haptics.qml)
  • Prepare content-hub packaging for initial build tests. However, this requires lomiri-ui-toolkit to be packaged first
  • Upstream MRs related to lomiri-ui-toolkit:
    https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-ui-toolkit/-/merge_requests/24 (grammar fixes)
    https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-ui-toolkit/-/merge_requests/25 (fix misspelled property name)
    https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-ui-toolkit/-/merge_requests/26 (fix misspelled word in CONTEXT_TRACE() call)
    https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-ui-toolkit/-/merge_requests/27 (drop license test)
    https://gitlab.com/ubports/core/lomiri-ui-toolkit/-/merge_requests/28 (app-launch-profile: Use lomiri namespace in binary file names)
  • Upload to Debian experimental: lomiri-ui-toolkit 1.3.3000+dfsg1-1
  • Upload to Debian unstable: lomiri-download-manager 0.1.0-8 (Fix wrong package dependency, #988808)
  • Upload to Debian unstable: lomiri-app-launch 0.0.90-8 (Update .symbols file for alpha and hppa archs)
  • Upload to Debian experimental: hfd-service 0.1.0-2 (systemd build-requirement fix)
  • Upload to Debian experimental: deviceinfo 0.1.0-3 (Update .symbols for s390x arch)
  • Prepare for upload to Debian: content-hub 1.0.0
  • For content-hub to be buildable, we needed another packaging fix for lomiri-ui-toolkit which received an...
  • Upload to Debian expermental AS NEW (2): lomiri-ui-toolkit 1.3.3000+dfsg-2 (font package dependency fix, but also a d/copyright update with correct artwork license)

The largest amount of work (and time) went into getting lomiri-ui-toolkit ready for upload. That code component is a absolutely massive beast and dearly intertwined with Qt5 (and unit tests fail with every new warning a new Qt5.x introduces). This bit of work I couldn't do alone (see below in "Credits" section).

The next projects / packages ahead are some smaller packages (content-hub, gmenuharness, etc.) before we will finally come to lomiri (i.e. main bit of the Lomiri Operating Environment) itself.


Many big thanks go to everyone on the UBports project, but especially to Ratchanan Srirattanamet who lived inside of lomiri-ui-toolkit for more than two weeks, it seemed.

Also, thanks to Florian Leeber for being my point of contact for topics regarding my cooperation with the UBports Foundation.

Packaging Status

The current packaging status of Lomiri related packages in Debian can be viewed at:

Mike Gabriel (aka sunweaver)