New plugin for GOsa²: gosa-plugin-mailaddress

During last week, I hacked a new plugin together for GOsa².

Simply quoting parts from debian/control here to inform you on its functionality:

Package: gosa-plugin-mailaddress
Architecture: all
 gosa (>= 2.7),
Description: Simple plugin to manage user mail addresses in GOsa²
 This plugin is a very light-weighted version of the GOsa² mail plugin.
 Whereas gosa-plugin-mail can be used to manage a complete mail server
 farm, this tiny plugin only provides means to modify the user's mail
 address via a text field.
 This plugin is useful for people that need to maintain users' email
 addresses via GOsa², but do not run their own mailserver(s).
 GOsa² is a combination of system-administrator and end-user web
 interface, designed to handle LDAP based setups.

Mike (aka sunweaver)