Résumé of our Edu Workshop in Kiel (26th - 29th January)

In the last week of January, the project IT-Zukunft Schule (Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH and DAS-NETZWERKTEAM) had visitors from Norway: Klaus Ade Johnstad and Linnea Skogtvedt from LinuxAvdelingen [1] came by for exchanging insights, knowledge, technology, stories regarding IT services at school in Norway and Nothern Germany.

This was our schedule...


  • 3pm – Arrival of Klaus Ade and Linnea, meet up at LOGO with coffee and cake
  • 4pm – Planning the workshop, coming up with an agenda for the next two days (Klaus Ade, Andreas, Mike)
  • 5pm – Preparing OPSI demo sites (Mike, Linnea)
  • 8pm – Grünkohl and Rotkohl and ... at Traum GmbH, Kiel (Klaus Ade, Linnea, Andreas, Mike)


  • 8.30am – more work on the OPSI demo site (Mike, Linnea)
  • 10am – pfSense (esp. captive portal functionality), backup solutions (Klaus Ade, all)
  • 11am – ITZkS overlay packages, basic principles of Debian packaging (Mike, special guests: Torsten, Lucian, Benni)
  • 12am-2pm – lunch break
  • 2pm – OPSI demonstration, discussion, foundation of the OpsiPackages project [2] (Mike)
  • 4pm – Puppet (Linnea)
  • 7pm – dinner time (eating in, Thai fast food :-) )
  • 20pm – Sepiida hacking (Mike, Linnea), customer care (Andreas, Klaus Ade)
  • 22:30pm – zZzZzZ time...


  • 8.30am – diskless workstations based on squashfs / OverlayFS (with Debian's Linux Kernel >= 3.18)
  • 10.30am – Monitoring with NAGIOS / Icinga (Linnea, special guests: Torsten, Lucian, Benni, Marius)
  • 11.15am – ACPI Hardware specialities (WoL, Reboot, Shutdown, Network Manager + system-wide configured WiFi, etc.)
  • 12am-2pm – lunch break
  • 2pm – Zarafa (Klaus Ade, Linnea, special guests: Torsten, Thomas, Lucian)
  • 4pm – Wrap-Up
  • 4.45pm – Finish (I had to leave then...)
  • 19pm – dinner time (Klaus Ade, Linnea, Andreas, ...)
  • 22:00pm – zZzZzZ time...


  • 10am – Departure of Klaus Ade and Linnea


  1. Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH, DAS-NETZWERKTEAM and LinuxAvdelingen will join forces on providing OPSI as a software deployment solution to MS Windows end customers (see also [2]).
  2. Sites managed by IT-Zukunft Schule will start using puppet for administation of hosts on site.
  3. Potential (web)mail customers in and around Kiel will be introduced to LinuxAvdelingen (official Zarafa partner in Norway, support staff is fluent in Norwegian Bokmål, English and German).
  4. Staff at Logo EDV-Systeme will take a deeper look at NAGIOS (and/or derivatives) as a monitoring solution.
  5. In IT-Zukunft Schule we will try the remote support software Sepiida [3].

Lessons learned

The schedule was too packed with topics. We all were really tired after those 2.5 days. Next time, we shall allow for more slots of recreation.


Many thanks to Klaus Ade and Linnea for travelling to Kiel. Many thanks to Andreas (Logo EDV-Systeme GmbH) for being our generous host.


[1] http://linuxavdelingen.no
[2] https://github.com/OpsiPackages (more on this in a later blog post)
[3] https://github.com/linnea-s/sepiida