Python X2Go now has support for passphrase-protected SSH keys

Yesterday, I (with my X2Go upstream hat on) have added a new (long waited for) feature to PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go.

So far, in PyHoca-GUI (python-x2go) it was only possible to use passphrase-protected / encrypted SSH keys via an ssh-agent process that unlocks those keys when being added to the agent's keyring previous to logging into an X2Go Server.

Unlocking those keys natively in PyHoca-GUI was not possible so far.
-> Now it is!!!

This feature will be available with PyHoca-GUI / Python X2Go (and PyHoca-CLI

Those of you using PyHoca-GUI may test this new feature by encrypting your private key file...

  $ ssh-keygen -p

... and then using this key file in PyHoca-GUI. Don't add your key(s) to ssh-agent to see the new passphrase dialog pop up.

WARNING: Make sure you do not forget the password for unlocking the key after you have locked it, otherwise your key will be rendered unusable entirely. It surely is a good idea to take a backup of your SSH key files before playing with this.