Cooperation between X2Go and TheQVD

I recently got in contact with Nicolas Arenas Alonso and Nito Martinez from the Quindel group (located in Spain) [1].

Those guys bring forth a software product called TheQVD (The Quality Virtual Desktop) [2]. The project does similar things that X2Go does. In fact, they use NX 3.5 from NoMachine internally like we do in X2Go. Already a year ago, I noticed their activity on TheQVD and thought.. "Ahaaa!?!".

Now, a couple of weeks back we received a patch for libxcomp3 that fixes an FTBFS (fails to build from source) for nx-libs-lite against Android [3].

Furthermore, I noticed that the developers from TheQVD starting pulling in X2Go's version of NX [4] into their developing Git [5].

That opportunity I used to get in contact with the patch provider of the Android patch (Nito Martinez).

After having exchanged several mails, we have decided to join forces on the maintenance of nx-libs (aka NX redistributed). We (speaking with my X2Go release manager hat on) are happy to have found another partner who is focussed on pushing forward the NX development (and possibly also the rebasing of NX against latest X.Org).

Current common interests are:

  • bring NX to mobile devices
  • make playing multimedia content enjoyable inside NX sessions
  • fix open issues in NX
  • port NX to latest X.Org code base

Mike (aka sunweaver)