Join us at "X2Go: The Gathering 2014"

TL;DR; Those of you who are not able to join "X2Go: The Gathering 2014"... Join us on IRC (#x2go on Freenode) over the coming weekend. We will provide information, URLs to our TinyPads, etc. there. Spontaneous visitors are welcome during the working sessions (please let us know if you plan to come around), but we don't have spare beds anymore for accomodation. (We are still trying hard to set up some sort of video coverage--may it be life streaming or recorded sessions, this is still open, people who can offer help, see below).

Our event "X2Go: The Gathering 2014" is approaching quickly. We will meet with a group of 13-15 people (number of people is still slightly fluctuating) at Linux Hotel, Essen. Thanks to the generous offerings of the Linux Hotel [1] to FLOSS community projects, costs of food and accommodation could be kept really low and affordable to many people.

We are very happy that people from outside Germany are coming to that meeting (Michael DePaulo from the U.S., Kjetil Fleten ( from Denmark / Norway). And we are also proud that Martin Wimpress (Mr. Ubuntu MATE Remix) will join our gathering.

In advance, I want to send a big THANK YOU to all people who will sponsor our weekend, either by sending gift items, covering travel expenses or providing help and knowledge to make this event a success for the X2Go project and its community around.

We are still in the process of organizing this or that form of video coverage during "X2Go: The Gathering 2014", but none of us is really an expert in this. We still have an empty bed reserved for us at Linux Hotel. If there is anyone out there that can provide knowledge and technical equipment to provide video coverage (life stream, recorded sessions), please join us. Your stay at Linux Hotel (plus two pizzas and dinner at Unperfekthaus) will be sponsored by DAS-NETZWERKTEAM.

Those of you who can not attend our gathering, please join us remotely via IRC (#x2go on Freenode). We will post information, session starts, pad URLs, etc. via IRC so people from outside can join our working sessions.

Those of you who would like to spontaneously come around and join any of our sessions (see schedule at [2]), please send a mail to our fabulous event organizer Stefan Baur (X2Go-ML-1 (at) baur-itcs (dot) de).