Results produced while at "X2Go - The Gathering 2018" in Stuttgart

Over the last weekend, I have attended the FLOSS meeting "X2Go - The Gathering 2018" [1]. The event took place at the shackspace maker space in Ulmerstraße in Stuttgart-Wangen (near S-Bahn station S-Untertürkheim). Thanks to the people from shackspace for hosting us there, I highly enjoyed your location's environment. Thanks to everyone who joined us at the meeting. Thanks to all event sponsors (food + accomodation for me). Thanks to Stefan Baur for being our glorious and meticulous organizer!!!

Thanks to my family for letting me go for that weekend.

Especially, a big thanks to everyone, that I was allowed to bring our family dog "Capichera" with me to the event. While Capichera adapted quite ok to this special environment on sunny Friday and sunny Saturday, he was not really feeling well on rainy Sunday (aching joints, unwilling to move, walk interact).

For those interested and especially for our event sponsors, below you can find a list of produced results related to the gathering.


2018-11-09 Mike Gabriel (train ride + @ X2Go Gathering 2018)

  • X2Go: Port x2godesktopsharing to Qt5.
  • Arctica: Release librda 0.0.2 (upstream) and upload librda 0.0.2-1 to Debian unstable (as NEW).
  • Arctica: PR reviews and merges:
  • Arctica: Fix autobuilders (add libxkbfile-dev locally to the build systems' list of packages, required for latest nx-libs with xkb- branch merged).
  • Arctica: Fix (IMAKE_)FONT_DEFINES build logic in nx-libs (together with Ulrich Sibiller)
  • X2Go: Explain X2Go Desktop Sharing to one of the event sponsors.
  • Discuss various W-I-P branches in nx-libs and check their development status with the co-maintainers.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: mate-tweak 18.10.2-1~bpo9+1.
  • Debian: Upload to stretch-backports: mate-icon-theme 1.20.2-1~bpo9+1.

2018-11-10 - Mike Gabriel (@ X2Go Gathering 2018)

  • my tool chain: make my smtp_tunnel script more robust and specific about which autossh tunnel to take down. Add "up" and "down" as first argument, so now I can now also take down the autossh tunnel for SMTP (as opposed to doing killall autossh unspecifically).
  • Talks:
    • Discussion Slot - more general NX-Libs discussion (BIG-REQUESTS, Xinerama, Telekinesis)
    • Demo: Arctica Greeter with X2Go Logon
    • Demo/Discussion: Current state of the Python Broker, Feature Requests
    • Discussion Slot - more general NX-Libs discussion (Software rendering, OpenGL, GLX, … how is that all related? And would we be able to speed things up in a Telekinesis-like approach somehow?)
  • Cooking: : Prepare nearly vegan (the carrots had butter), organic Italian pasta (with salad and ciabatta bread) for the group. Together with Ritchi and Thomas. Much appreciation to plattsalat e.V. [2] for sponsoring the food.
  • PyHoca-CLI: Fix normal password authentication (i.e. for users that don't use SSH priv/pub keys).
  • Python X2Go / PyHoca-cli: Add check directly after authentication that exits with error, if the remote server does not have the X2Go Server software installed.
  • X2Go Consulting: Demo possible approach for having X2Go in the webbrowser again to Martti Pikanen.

2018-11-11 - Mike Gabriel (@ X2Go Gathering 2018 + train ride)

  • Debian: Port pinentry-x2go to Qt5, upload to unstable pinentry-x2go
  • X2Go: Apply changes on top of pinentry-x2go upstream.
  • Talks:
    • Quick introduction to librda.
  • Debian: Upload to unstable: mate-polkit 1.20.1-2.
  • X2Go: Work on x2godesktopsharing upstream:
    • allow system-wide default settings
    • store sharing group in settings (instead of hard-coding a POSIX group name)
    • rewrite the access grant/deny dialog
  • Debian: Prepare Debian package for x2godesktopsharing.
    • debconf: make the sharing group name selectable
    • debconf: auto-start desktop sharing
    • debconf: auto-activate desktop sharing when started